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FAQ –  All your questions answered on our Sensual Massage Service

Tantra is a Western teaching of esoteric aspect that teaches how to use sexual energy to reach a higher degree of connection with your partner. Thanks to tantra, sexuality reaches another level, using techniques to prolong pleasure beyond sex, joining the couple both physically and spiritually, from conscious love. Unlike the erotic one, it does not have the goal of ejaculation, but to connect with oneself and with the couple to enjoy a pleasant moment without thinking about a purpose.

Getting regular erotic massage treatments is quite an inspiring and wondrous experience that allows you to deal with your emotional and mental impurities that can lead to ignorance, confusion, anxiety, stress, and depression if left untreated.

Erotic massage can help a person reformulate themselves intelligently and intuitively by ensuring a clearer state of mind.

Once a person is fully reformulated and connected in both body and mind, erotic massage can help usher in a new lease on life, welcome clarity and total liberation from the bonds of the past. The result is ultimately cultivating genuine feelings of contentment, fulfillment, and joy.

Erotic massage, as well as tantra massage therapy, can help a modern person unwind, relax, and find inner peace to restore the balance between body and mind. It can unleash inherent power, remove blockages, and help your body and mind heal in profound ways.

More importantly, it can help awaken your spirit and give a real boost to your sexual energy, thus significantly improving your sex life and experience. When your body and mind work in harmony, you can unlock higher states of mind and take a step toward sexual dimensions you’ve never experienced before.

Experience a remarkable external and internal transformation that can help you heal spiritually, sexually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Depending on the massage you choose. During a Body to Body Massage you can touch the naked skin of the masseuse. She would guide you in terms of interaction during the massage. 

During a Couples Massage we really focus on consulting the couple first to see what their specific goals and wishes are for the session. We realise that working with 2 people in a relationship is a delicate job and requires a sensativity and respect for the connection between them, so that is most important.
A general session will involve only 1 therapist who will massage both partners, starting with one and then moving to the other, while they are lying next to each other on a large bed.
The therapist can be nude or clothed, and the massage session may or may not include mutual touching of the therapist. The details of the session will be discussed and quoted on during the booking process.

Yes! I love massaging woman. It’s a beautiful, slow and very soft experience. Woman need a lot more focus and softness, which is something I understand as a woman, and can tap into. 🙂  Woman of all shapes and sizes are more than welcome to come and see me for a massage. We can discuss your specific needs and requirements and boundaries. Do you want a healing experience? Have you had trauma and want to work with your own sexuality? I would love to meet with you! 
I offer discounts for ladies, as well as longer sessions.

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