Massage Options

Sensual Massage


We start off with an amazingly relaxing slow full body massage with warm non-scented coconut oil.  The masseuse uses special feminine powers, touch techniques and intuition to take you on a relaxing journey towards ecstasy. . .
This Sensual experience is good for relaxation, stress relief, endorphin release and an overall lift of those happiness levels! 

Mutual Massage


The Mutual Massage is the upgrade of the Sensual Massage.  This extremely erotic experience includes a relaxing slow full body massage with warm non-scented coconut oil, and allows for touching and caressing of the masseuse while she is massaging you. The masseuse works her way into your heart using her hands in magical ways that will leave you breathless. 

Body to Body


The Body to Body includes a lovely relaxing full body massage, which then moves into a very erotic energy which allows for mutual touch. The gorgeous masseuse will use her naked oily body to massage and stimulate every inch of you! This is a very intimate experience between two bodies! 

Couples Massage

A Couples Massage can be a truly great re-connecting experience to bring the flame back into your relationship. The masseuse will massage one partner at a time, and will allow the other partner to get involved if they choose.  Seeing a masseuse doing a Sensual Massage on your partner can be a huge turn-on for some.

We aim to create a beautiful open sensual atmosphere for you both to explore pleasure without judgement, and enhance and deepen your sexual connection,  as well as give you space to explore each other in that safe space.

 Boundaries and rules will be discussed before the appointment. 
A good masseuse knows exactly how to keep a healthy energy flow in the room, while sticking to her own boundaries.

Ladies Yoni Massage

A beautiful soft relaxing massage of the whole body, while creating a welcoming space for intimacy, erotic energy, teasing and gentle loving massage of her yoni. This can be useful for relaxation, stress release, pleasure experimentation, healing of trauma and tightness of vagina, or a connective experience.

Masseuse can either be clothed or nude, depending on client preference.

Yoni (meaning): – yoni, (Sanskrit: “abode,” “source,” “womb,” or “vagina”) in Hinduism, the symbol of the goddess Shakti, the feminine generative power and, as a goddess, the consort of Shiva. In Shaivism, the branch of Hinduism devoted to worship of the god Shiva, the yoni is often associated with the lingam, which is Shiva’s symbol.

4 hands Massage

Every now and then you deserve to pamper yourself!   Two sensual nude therapists massaging your whole body using slow synchronised motion.  For the man who wants it all. This massage can be a lovely interactive experience for all involved.

Prostate Massage

 Besides for relaxation and stress release, there are also many other health benefits to stimulating the prostate gland.
Please do your own research on this..

Ask for a masseuse who is trained or experienced with this specific technique.
You might be surprised about the intense pleasure a prostate massage can bring! 

Tie & Tease

Dare to explore your deepest desires, by submerging yourself to a world of dark sensuality, where you will be teased and pleased 🙂 Explore the world of soft-domination / submission. Our femme dominatrix will blindfold you for a new level of excitement and teasing.  For the “always in control” gentleman who needs to keep a good balance 😉

Custom Session

Want to have your own CUSTOM SESSION designed just for you?

Chat to us about your fantasy..

Telegram: LaylaDream_CT

What you can expect...

“This was a truly sensual experience. Honestly, I expected a more erotic theme but to my surprise, I was welcomed with relaxing music in the background and the smell of incense hanging in the air. Open to the experience I decided to just let it unfold as needed. The goddess made me feel completely comfortable without having to say a world. As she started the full body massage working her way over my entire body, I soon found myself in a state of complete comfort and relaxation. She was professional yet had a personal touch. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a tasteful yet sensual touch to ease the body and mind in this stressful modern-day life. Will most definitely use the service again.” – Rudy